10 top tips to make your perfume last longer

If you find your scent has faded by lunchtime or if you're wearing perfume too quickly, here are some tips that will help you make your scent last longer, without having to spray an entire bottle.

We sometimes have the impression that our perfume has faded or completely disappeared as soon as we put it on. It's about knowing where and how to apply the perfume, and how to store it so that it maintains its quality. If you know how to get the most out of your perfume, you won't waste it either. You should also know that many niche perfumes are very intimate and do not necessarily release a powerful wake, or can last on the skin for only a few hours. Today we share a few little tips for you to perfume yourself like a pro and make your perfume last.


Here are 10 easy and simple tips that will boost the power of your perfume.


1 – Spray on strategic points

For a perfume to stay on the skin and for the people around you to smell it, it is best to target certain parts of the body where all the notes that make up your perfume will emerge. Pulse points, hot spots such as the inside of the wrists and elbows, the back of the ears, the hollow of the chest, the back of the knees or even on your neck.

2 - Moisturize your skin before applying perfume.

Hydration is a key step that will allow the fragrance to settle on the skin, which will increase the hold of your perfume during the day.

Indeed, fatty substances retain perfumes longer, so if your skin is dry, your perfume will last much less on your skin.

In Arab countries, which are very big perfume lovers, some women add Vaseline to the pulse points to maintain the perfume longer. Apply it preferably on your wrists, your neck, the inside of the elbows, behind the knees, as well as on the ankles and calves. The result is effective.

You can also apply an unscented lotion. Oily skin will retain the fragrance longer. 

3 - Perfume your hair.

The alcohol in the perfume can dry out your hair, so don't apply it directly. Instead, lightly spray your hairbrush with it, or buy a hair perfume specially formulated to take care of your hair. For more information see our article how to perfume your hair ?.

4 - Do not store it in the bathroom.

Humidity will break down the scent and weaken the fragrance, so forget your bathroom and keep it in your bedroom instead.

Perfumes should be stored out of direct sunlight, as daylight degrades the oil and breaks down the fragrance. If you still want to display your perfumes, keep them in their original boxes.

5 - Apply it at the right time.

You might think the best time is to vape at the last possible moment when you leave the house, but think again. Contrary to what one might think, the best time to apply your perfume is when you get out of the shower. Applying the perfume right after getting out of the shower will allow the perfume and its aromas to penetrate your skin while your pores are still open, helping to extend the wear and streak of your perfume throughout the day. .

Damp skin will retain the scent, but if you dress immediately afterwards, it will leave. Wait a few minutes for the perfume to dry.

6 - Perfume your clothes.

After perfuming your skin, you can spray your clothes with your perfume to intensify its hold and its sillage. Be careful not to stain your clothes!!! To avoid staining your white or light-colored clothes, for example, you can spray a cloud in front of you and enter it immediately afterwards.

7 - Don't rub your wrists together.

Friction will cause the top notes of the perfume to evaporate faster and your scent won't last as long. Simply spray on your perfume and let it dry.

8 - Use every drop.

Don't waste those frustrating last few drops. Instead, mix them with an unscented body lotion to make your favorite scent last even longer. 

9 - Learn the different types of perfumes.

Anything labeled body spray, cologne, or eau de toilette has a low concentration of fragrance oils and a more subtle scent. The eau de parfum and theperfume extract are much more pungent and generally last longer.

10 - Don't shake your perfume.

Perfume is designed to stay still. Shaking the bottle will only let air in and reduce its quality.