How to choose your equivalence perfumes in 7 points!

Are you looking for equivalent perfumes and you don't know where to start?

Here is 7 points Things to consider when looking for a scent to match:

    1. Research equivalent perfume brands that have a good reputation. You can read reviews and reviews online to get an idea of the quality of each brand's products.

    2. Consider the ingredients used in the perfume. Some equivalence perfumes may use inferior ingredients which can affect the scent and the duration of the perfume's wear and even cause allergies. The hold is also very moderate.

    3. Check the list of top, middle, and base notes for each perfume to get an idea of how the perfume smells.

    4. Check online reviews and reviews to find equivalent fragrances that have great reviews. You can also ask friends or relatives for their recommendations.

    5. Beware of cheap perfumes. Some unscrupulous retailers sell certain 100ml equivalence perfumes for less than 20 euros. They are often made from synthetic ingredients of very poor quality, generally used in the manufacture of air fresheners, without any evolution. Respect yourself! See our blog post on the dangers!
    6. Buy "MADE IN FRANCE" ! Yes ! France is THE country of perfume!

Equivalent perfumes Orwell's meet all these principles, they are made in France with excellent quality ingredients!