What is a niche perfume?

If you like to smell really good but above all unique by having your own olfactory identity and standing out from the crowd, discover niche perfumery!

There are the perfumes of well-known designer brands (also called "mainstreams") such as Dior, Gucci or even Jean Paul Gauthier, Chloé or Hugo Boss which are part of the shelves of the major perfumery brands, very fashionable perfumes " hype" with generally eccentric bottles, very trendy names on advertisements of all mediums. But there is also an underground market, I named niche perfumery.

What is a niche perfume?

Niche perfumes are perfumes created by specialized perfume houses. They are generally rarer, because they are not distributed by the big popular brands (Sephora, Marionnaud, Nocibé) but in luxury independent perfumeries, in their own boutiques or in very large luxury stores (Harrods in London, Printemps Haussmann in Paris, Macy's in New York, City Walk in Dubai...).

Niche perfumery showcases unique fragrances, original and uses exceptional raw materials which have generally made perfumes much more expensive. Bottles are often simple, as brands focus on the essential: the juice.

They are distinguished by their very high price compared to "mainstream" perfumes, but also by the absence of advertising and marketing. They free themselves from conventions and are mostly unisex because the fragrance must correspond to a personality and to everyone's tastes and not to a gender. 

We have concocted a small selection of Orwells perfumes equivalent to the classics of totally unisex niche perfumery to help you find your new olfactory signature. There is nothing more elegant than finding the niche perfume ultimate. If you're really looking for a unique fragrance, you better browse this market to find what you're looking for.

LES PARFUMS D'EQUIVALENCE ORWELLS, inspired by the most beautiful niche perfumes:

RED DIAMOND inspired by "Baccarat Rouge 540" 

    RED DIAMOND evokes self-love, love of the senses. It enchants people who wear it for the first time like no other... Red Diamond is the floral and very fresh delicacy of jasmine, the oriental touch of saffron, with a slight note of lemon. However, as time passes, the sweet fragrance becomes musky, and the woodiness becomes a little more pronounced for a more than perfect cohesion... A beautiful red diamond from the Orient...

      OUD MADNESS inspired by "Oud Wood" 

        OUD MADNESS is a very beautiful interpretation of the Oud, a very westernized version, majestic and rich, but light and subtle. Wrap yourself in the aroma of exotic rosewood, cardamom, tonka bean, amber and sandalwood to experience true oriental sophistication. This perfume is a poem, classy and elegant but at the same time mysterious and secret. Everyone who covets it will be instantly charmed.

          NIGHT OVER EGYPT inspired by "Oud for Greatness"

            NIGHT OVER EGYPT is the perfume of the Pharaohs. A vibrant and sensual complex elixir infused with the most sacred oriental substance: Oud.

            Richly concentrated with Agarwood oil characterizing its dark side, but deliciously spiced with a blend of nutmeg and saffron, this unisex fragrance is a must-have for any oriental perfume lover. Lavender brings a bright and warm side.

            An exceptional hold and sillage for this mysterious jewel of perfumery.

              SO RIGHT inspired by "Fucking Fabulous"  

                SO RIGHT it's audacity even in a bottle! A soft, luxurious, sophisticated, powdery and silky fragrance. At the first spray, the notes open on sage and lavender giving this clean and shiny side. Then comes a subtle blend of refined leather, bitter almond, powdered vanilla with a clear predominance of Tonka bean and lightly caramelized amber almonds. A sensual cocktail with a unique identity.

                  SENSUAL SEDUCTION inspired by "Back to Black" 

                    It's the ultimate sensual fragrance, the hint of incense mixed with chamomile makes you feel like you can charm anyone and feel confident. 

                    Light and gourmet amber oriental fragrance. The fruits flavored with subtly vanilla Tonka bean give the sandalwood this honeyed and perfectly balanced appearance.