Orwells is a French perfume house.

We offer exceptional fragrances similar to the most beautiful masterpieces of high perfumery.


Being great amateurs and collectors of niche perfumes, and not always having the budget to satisfy our impulses, we have long searched the European market for some fragrances of equivalent quality.

Without success...

Most were either very poor in quality or very weakly concentrated, very often both.

Our love of perfumery drove us to create Orwells.

Our challenge was to go back to the basics of perfumery and create a collection of perfumes that meet these 3 fundamental principles:

Offer an exceptional quality of raw materials, a "perfume extract" concentration to guarantee excellent hold, all at an affordable price.

After carefully studying a panel of fragrances, we have recreated their aromas by substituting only a very small percentage of ingredients but always maintaining the optimal quality that differentiates us from our competitors.

By developing this concept in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery and thanks to the ingenuity of experts in the field, we have succeeded in achieving our goal.


In a perfume, only the juice is important.

So we simply eliminated marketing expenses, overpriced boxes and bottles, and celebrity endorsements. By importing our exceptional raw materials from all over the world, we have reduced costs and controlled quality step by step. Our fragrances undergo rigorous quality control and stability testing under the careful supervision of chemists.


Our perfumes are tributes to the finest works that luxury perfumery has to offer and of a quality comparable to this.

All our fragrances are our creations but are all born from an inspiration. It is true that some are extremely similar. Our desire is to honor certain particularly appreciated masterpieces, often very expensive, or which are no longer on the market.

It is true that our perfumes are very often associated with the terms "dupe", "copy", "perfume of equivalence" or even "similar perfume". We are a stickler for quality because above all we are true lovers and true enthusiasts of niche perfumery and we respect this art through our creations.